Nooma facilitates problem solving workshops and offsites

Common use-cases

"I just inherited a new org and need to align everyone to the vision and build a roadmap"

Team vision

"We need to solve a problem with new ideas and cross functional participation"


"I need to align a cross-functional group of leaders around a new initiative"

Kickoff support

"We need to develop our upcoming strategy and operating plan"

Strategy development

"We’re juggling initiatives and need to align on what to deprioritize"

Portfolio governance

"We need to re-imagine our KOL engagement experience"

Re-imagined experience

Don't see your use case here? No problem, we can customize


“Nooma brings a different perspective, and they work fast, are smart and a joy to partner with.”


“We moved at 3x the speed. They were thoughtful and flawless.”

Who said you aren’t allowed to smile if you work in pharma?

Our smiles are as bright as the ideas we bring

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