Untangle the mess while improving stakeholder relationships

There’s a disconnect between team members’ ability to tackle complex issues collaboratively then communicate those solutions effectively.  We help our clients develop the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills to drive better marketing outcomes.


Capability building

Upskill your workforce with Nooma

Our playbooks, training, and coaching focuses on decisionmaking, collaboration, problem solving, and communication.  Using our proven methodology, your team will make better thought out decisions and will be equipped to articulate those decisions to stakeholders

Timeframe and deliverables

  • 6 weeks of ‘high touch’ training and coaching
  • Process playbooks for negotiation and problem solving frameworks
  • Process playbooks for meeting facilitation, executive comms
  • Process playbooks for seeking feedback and measuring impact

Specific topics covered

  • Strategic thinking
  • Negotiation and collaborative problem solving
  • Effective meeting facilitation
  • Framing and executive comms
Capability building

Insights and expertise