Are you ready to steer transformative projects, nurture pivotal relationships, and guide teams to triumph? We’re on the hunt for a Delivery Executive who knows how to drive engagements and build client relationships

In this Sr. Director – VP level role, you will:

  • Lead and coach the on the ground transformation teams: Coach and mentor delivery teams through hands-on leadership to drive a successful transformation
  • Own knowledge capture and codification: Take charge of collecting and structuring critical knowledge to enhance our thought leadership
  • Strategic engagement leadership: Strategically manage engagements, ensuring alignment with business goals and delivering exceptional outcomes
  • Client leadership and relationship building: Cultivate and maintain strong client partnerships through strategic guidance and a deep understanding of their business needs.

Required experience:

  • Transformation leadership experience
  • Delivery leadership experience working in direct client-facing roles

Required skills and attributes:

  • Senior Presence: Communicates with assured confidence and earns respect, especially in senior executive interactions
  • Influence: Understands how to use persuasion to impacts stakeholder decision-making
  • EQ: Highly attuned to and adept at managing emotions, fostering strong relationships and conflict resolution
  • Facilitation: Expertly manages group dynamics, promotes inclusive discussion, and guides discussions toward key decisions
  • Fantastic Oral and Written Communication: Articulate and persuasive in verbal and written forms, communicating with clarity and precision

Part time (50%) and full time contract roles available

Requires bi-weekly travel for 1-2 days at a time

Interested parties should reach out to Tirrell Payton