Marketing portfolio strategy and governance: Herding cats and staying aligned

Marketing portfolio strategy is the holistic management and strategic alignment of all marketing initiatives, campaigns, and resources to make sure they support the strategic business goals. To do that, you must

  • Balance the mix of marketing activities—across different channels, products, and markets—to optimize reach and impact within target audiences

  • While efficiently allocating the budget

This approach helps you prioritize marketing efforts that offer the best return on investment (ROI) and align with long-term objectives.

Marketing portfolio governance, in the context of marketing portfolio strategy, refers to the framework, policies, and processes established to guide decision-making, execution, and evaluation of marketing activities. It includes:

  • Decision-making processes: Clear guidelines on how decisions are made regarding the selection, prioritization, and discontinuation of initiatives

  • Resource management: Strategic allocation, optimization, and utilization of all available resources—such as budget, personnel, time, and tools—across various marketing initiatives to ensure they contribute effectively to the strategic business goals

  • Performance monitoring and evaluation: Systems for tracking the performance of marketing initiatives against goals and metrics, ensuring efforts are effective

  • Adaptation and improvement mechanisms: Processes for regularly reviewing and refining the marketing portfolio strategy based on performance data and changing market conditions

Together, marketing portfolio strategy and governance ensure that marketing efforts are executed in a controlled, efficient, and agile manner. This enables you to respond to market changes, optimize investments, and drive growth.