PharmaCo: Innovation session to accelerate the oncology portfolio

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Strategy Execution

Team Strategy
Operating Model Design


Client wanted to accelerate and streamline their program with a mandate to identify and accelerate a set of key initiatives that will improve efficiency across the program to meet the following objectives:

•Renew the customer focus

•Articulate a customer-driven vision and goals

•Accelerate program initiatives by (a) applying design thinking frameworks (e.g., empathy mapping, journey mapping, complexity v. effort) and (b) evaluate/prioritize promising experiments to try at both program and study level


We conducted a workshop to identify the acceleration and efficiency levers as well as understand the key mindset shifts that will be required to deliver on the objectives

•First, we defined the  purpose and key stakeholders by articulate what we wanted to accomplish and for whom

•Then we sought to empathize with stakeholders by connecting with their experience, journey, and pain points

•Next, we identified key issues, highlight the to solve

•After identified the key issues, we ideated solutions  by brainstorming ways to alleviate the most relevant pain points

•With our list of possible solutions, we determined solution feasibility by framing them according to complexity and impact

•Lastly,  we prioritized workstreams by selecting the most feasible solutions with the highest impact ideas to execute


Reduced the size of the workstreams to make them more manageable.  Focused on designing and deploying ‘early experiences’ to gain organizational buy-in and accelerate learning through short sprint cycles. Built a new operating model based on agile principles and replaced a monolithic informed consent waterfall approach.