Leadership Behaviors for Successful Leaders to Avoid

As we near the end of 2022, its worth taking a look back at year and understanding the behaviors that leaders might avoid or stop-doing to become better leaders. Before determining which of your “bad” behaviors to drop, ask a trusted colleague to share some of the perceptions that are holding you back from making […]

Five Key Mindset Changes Pharma Leaders Should Adopt

Drug development today is experiencing rapid changes driven by the use of data to make better decisions. The rapid changes have been accelerated by the increased speed of development largely prompted by Covid-19. Pharma leaders have leaned on data to capture gains to varying success. Often rapid change requires new mindsets that are essentially for […]

Big Pharma Can Win by Giving Big Tech a Taste of its Own Medicine

(Series, Part II of II) In my last post, I discussed how Big Pharma has to learn to compete with Big Tech for a healthcare dollars. Read about it here.  In this part of the series, we will take a look at some strategies that pharma leaders can adopt to beat Big Tech at their […]

Watch out big pharma, big tech wants your lunch!

(Series, Part I of II)  Big pharma is changing. As an industry, big pharma realizes that it is no longer viable to rely on their existing model of drug development. Looking to the future, leaders of drug companies are changing to become more data driven. Meanwhile, as pharma leaders are thinking about how to effectively […]

Leadership transitions

Note: This is a redacted case example of where Nooma supported a senior pharma leader during her transition. Frieda is a well- respected clinical operations leader within a large pharma company. She has built a solid reputation working across both the clinical and commercial functions over the last 10+ years. She and her team have […]

Why everyone in clinops is as busy as ever but progress is as slow as ever

Over the last 30 years, size, scale and complexity of clinical trials has increased.  Headcount, in terms of the number of people working on trials worldwide has increased.  Also, the number of tools and technologies to handle site startup, recruitment, monitoring, risk management, and operations has increased.  According to McKinsey, Cure rates for hepatitis C […]

The network: A new operating model for global process ownership in clinical operations

Raul had just been designated Global Process Owner for informed consent (ICF).  Because Raul was known as a competent leader with a deep internal network, his nomination, politically speaking, was non-controversial.  However, before Raul could start to put his skills as a competent leader to work, he had to get his head above water.  Metaphorically […]

Why your bureaucratic clinical processes are killing productivity

Francheska’s brow furrowed as she looked at this quarter’s operational metrics.  Her lips pursed with annoyance, “Every month I’m getting requests for more headcount, more support, and more funding.  Things are tight, but even when I work miracles to bring extra support, nothing is moving any faster.  I’m frustrated with our performance.”  You’re not alone, […]