Decision making when everything is a priority

Your team has too much on their plate. Everything is high priority to someone, people have multiple projects to balance, and meetings overtake calendars overnight. There’s three key steps to managing this: make a written process for deciding what’s important, be quick to adapt and change your focus, and maintain focus on what’s important. Being […]

Prioritizing in a world where everything is “top priority”

Everything feels urgent. Your inbox is flooded with “ASAP” and your calendar is filled with overlapping commitments. Everything feels super important, But let’s face it: not everything can be the most important. The key is to sift through the noise, identify what truly matters, and act with precision. Here’s how you can do just that. […]

Marketing portfolio strategy and governance: Herding cats and staying aligned

Marketing portfolio strategy is the holistic management and strategic alignment of all marketing initiatives, campaigns, and resources to make sure they support the strategic business goals. To do that, you must Balance the mix of marketing activities—across different channels, products, and markets—to optimize reach and impact within target audiences While efficiently allocating the budget This […]

Preserving human connection in HCP marketing

As marketers pivot to social media, email campaigns, and virtual conferences, the efficiency and reach of these methods are clear. But this change raises the question: are we compromising human connection in favor of technology? The value of personal touch Traditionally, the relationship between pharma companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) has been based on in-person […]

Five psychological safety tips for pharma marketers

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a new chapter of massive change that calls for a transformation in management styles to meet an increasingly competitive space for market access. One pivotal concept that continues to emerge as a critical determinant of the success of new initiatives, campaigns, as well as the organization itself, is psychological safety. […]

Six HCP segmentation strategies

Effective segmentation allows pharmaceutical companies to tailor their messaging and engage with HCPs more effectively. Here are some strategies for segmenting HCPs, along with questions to deepen your understanding and approach: 1. Specialty and Sub-specialty Segmentation Strategy: Segment HCPs based on their medical specialty and sub-specialties. This allows for targeted communication that addresses the specific […]

Pharma marketers: Streamlining MRC processes

For pharma marketers, the journey from concept to campaign launch is fraught with regulatory hurdles, complex approval processes, and it always needs to be done ‘yesterday’. The Marketing Review Committee (MRC) plays an important role, ensuring that marketing materials are not only effective but also compliant with regulatory requirements. However, for marketers, navigating the MRC […]

Navigating Market Competition

The task of launching new products and indications is akin to charting a course through a dense, formidable, unforgiving jungle. The specialized Medical Affairs or HCP marketing team, tasked with the strategy, planning, and execution of such critical launches, faces a dual challenge: forging stronger relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) while differentiating their offerings […]

Innovation in HCP Marketing: Unlocking Access to KOLs

The ability to forge and maintain robust relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) stands as a cornerstone for the successful introduction of new products and indications. These influential figures play a pivotal role in shaping market perceptions and driving the adoption of innovative treatments. However, navigating the intricate landscape of KOL engagement presents a formidable […]

Building Strong KOL Relationships: Navigating Compliance

Medical Affairs and HCP (Healthcare Professionals) marketing teams are tasked with the crucial role of launching new products and indications. Their mission is to innovate and navigate the stringent regulatory and compliance issues inherent in pharmaceutical marketing. These regulations, while designed to safeguard public health and ensure ethical marketing practices, often present significant barriers to […]

Crafting the Future of Healthcare: Strategic Engagement with KOLs

The imperative to not only launch but also effectively position new products and indications in the market is crucial. Specialized teams dedicated to HCP (Healthcare Professionals) marketing are at the forefront of this challenge, tasked with navigating complex market dynamics to ensure their innovations reach and resonate with their target audience. A pivotal element in […]

Pharma marketing agility: Payer current state and challenges

Marketers need to be able to navigate complex payer environments, especially as healthcare systems globally pivot towards a value-based care model. Payers now want a holistic view of a drug’s impact, extending beyond clinical efficacy to include detailed health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) and clear demonstrations of cost-effectiveness. This calls for a new breed […]

Strategic Insights for Staying Ahead in Pharma

Staying ahead of market trends and competitor moves is not just a strategic advantage—it’s a necessity. The Asset Strategy Team must employ a proactive approach to monitoring industry shifts, understanding competitor strategies, and anticipating market dynamics. Here, we offer strategies are not just reactive but predictive. Establishing a Robust Market Intelligence Framework The foundation of […]

Cultivating Innovation in Asset Strategy

Being innovative and agile enables the asset strategy team not only to adapt to market changes and challenges but also to pioneer new frontiers in product development and launch strategies. This article offers a structured approach to being more innovative and agile, grounded in data-driven insights with real-world examples. Establishing a Foundation for Innovation Fostering […]

Mastering Marketing ROI for the Asset Strategy

Assessing the efficiency of marketing strategies through rigorous Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis and market Return on Investment (ROI) optimization is critical for ensuring the best use of resources and maximizing impact. This article aims to guide senior decision-makers in refining their approach to marketing investment, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to measurable success. Establishing […]

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Leveraging Technology in Pharma Marketing

The leaders of Asset Strategy team’s endeavor to leverage technology and digital platforms for marketing represents a strategic pivot towards innovation and engagement. This blog post offers a comprehensive report on how to utilize digital marketing tools and platforms, focusing on AI-driven analytics and targeted digital campaigns, to enhance reach and engagement effectively. Through a […]

Crafting a KOL Engagement Symphony: Strategic Harmonization for New Product Success

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play a pivotal role in orchestrating a narrative that resonates with both the medical community and the market at large. The leaders of Asset Strategy teams, tasked with the critical mission of implementing robust KOL engagement plans, must navigate this nuanced landscape with precision, foresight, and strategic acumen. This blog post […]

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in Marketing and Promotion

Adherence to industry regulations and ethical standards in marketing and promotional activities is a legal mandate as well as a strategic imperative. The Asset Strategy Team, charged with navigating the complexities of new product and indication launches, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all marketing and promotional activities align with the highest standards of […]

New Product Launches: Stakeholder Communication

Establishing effective stakeholder communication is important to new product and indication launches. It ensures stakeholder alignment, educates the market, and drives investor confidence. Asset Strategy plays a crucial role in orchestrating this communication symphony, ensuring that messaging is clear, consistent, and compelling across all stakeholder groups, including healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, payers, and regulators. This […]